A Sri Lankan

A 15 Day detail organized Travel Plan for your adventure in the jewel of the Indian Ocean


The Most Frequently Asked Questions About the Itinerary

Can I Edit The Itinerary?

Yes, the Itinerary is a travel plan set by the traveller, however it is ultimately a framework from which you can edit and customize the itnerary based on on ground situations & your preferences.

Is the Itinerary Dated?

Yes the Itinerary is dated to the most recent trip to date you are currently booking. It will be wise to see to note if the travel plan fits the time & duration of your holiday dates.

Can I share the Itinerary?

The Itinerary is fixed for one Device and is not shareable. However you can purchase logins for multiple logins for multiple devices.

What do I Need to Open The File?

Once the Itinerary is purchased your login code will be SMSed to you, once you verify the Itinerary with your login code, the itinerary shall be permanently unlocked.

Travels From Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka has a fascinating set of destinations steeped in natural beauty and historical legacy check out all other locations in this beautiful country.

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