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Online Travel Kit


Time & Date

The first most essential part of your travel kit is scheduling your Holiday dates. This website helps you with everything you need to know about the timings of the date and more importantly the public holidays of your destination countries.


Currency Exchange

The 2nd most important aspect is Currency Exchange. Does your base currency buy you more or undercuts your budget when converted to the currency of your destination? Use the OANDA currency converter to find out the latest market exchange rate. This is an Essential even during your stay. Download the app on your phone.


Compare Airline Tickets

The third essential in your Travel Kit is Skyscanner. Use it to compare ticket prices on different platforms and select the best dates for you. You can also use this resource to figure out exact destination as it helps with both international and domestic flights. 


Weather Check

Before you confirm your tickets, check the weather of your destination. It is on season or off season. Will it rain, snow or shine with bright sunshine. While it isn't the most essential resource in the Travel Kit, it does help with packing in the right clothes and being prepared. Accuweather gives you a forecast predicting weather months is advance.


Cost of Living

It's very important to understand your likely expenses on the trip. Numbeo is the perfect website that details and breaks down the cost of basic commodities, food, stay and transportation giving you a clear picture of what your costs are likely to be at your destination. This makes it an essential part of the travel kit.


Document Check

Definitely the most important part of the Travel Kit, is the IATA Travel Check. Enter your destination and port of departure to discover and double confirm if you have all the right documentation like Visas, Insurance, Tickets and Entry Permits. The best check is always directly at the destination embassy, but the IATA check serves as a double check.